Thursday, November 12, 2009


Creativity is very important. I am creative in many ways. First, i am great at sports. I play soccer and I used to play tackle football and basketball. I am very good at all of those sports. Secondly, I love to skateboard. I am very good at it. Creativity is a very important thing and people all have different things that they are good at and things that they are not as good at. The world would not be the same without creativity.

I can be creative in todays world in many ways. i can help the world be a better place by doing good things.The internet will play a big role in making me more creative. I might be let know in some way about the world. If the world will see everything that do on the internet i would have to hide my idenity more than if only my teacher will see. I play a big role in cretivity in todays world and hope others will also


  1. You express some very good thoughts here. I hope you enjoy learning about blogging and Web 2.0 tools this rotation!