Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Book Talk

When i made my book talk i thought it was really cool, fun, and creative. I did my book talk on The bad beginning by Leminy Snicket. I liked that book a lot and read it 2 times. I like how people could comment on my book talk so i can know their opinion and see how they like it.I had to go to a quiet place then i could do my book talk. I made a script for my book talk so i wont mess up and pause in the middle of the book talk. I think you should make a book talk about a book you like because its a great way to tell others about the book but not tell them to much. On my book talk i told them about some of the book but didn't spoil it for them. I left them hanging. I am very happy i did my book talk and i really enjoyed it. I think you should make a book talk because i bet you will like it

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